Important Message from the Chairman

Stokeinteignhead Community Shop has for some time now been trading on a “wing and a prayer”  in fact, we are still open simply because of the generosity and goodwill of a number of villagers, either directly, or indirectly, through the Parish Council.


I would also like to give a big thank you to all who helped with, and came along to the recent comfort Lunch at the Village Hall. Organised by the Village Hall Committee to support our Shop, Church and Village Hall, it was a great effort, and our share of the money raised will be used directly to keep the Shop open and the lights on !


Yes, its always a difficult time through the darker winter months, but this last December we saw what was by far the lowest sales figures for that period, almost since the shop opened.  Our loyal customers did their bit, the individual spend increased…. But where were the rest of you?


The shop was only closed on Christmas day.  If there were papers to sell we were there, milk, bread, mince pies, stuffing, all just waiting to be bought.


We try and keep the shop well stocked and on occasions this inevitably means some wastage, but every time you see a loaf or loaves reduced on the counter it means that most of the profit from that days bread has gone, and we’re probably paying you 30p to take it away!


Obviously we can’t carry on like this and Orsman’s meat and Jacksons fish are particular problems. Just as fresh as the day it was delivered, but once frozen and in the shop freezer that’s where it stays.

We have decided that we must reduce this stock. So now is your chance to take advantage of the managers special offers and fill up your freezer !


On a slightly different tack, the Shop Management Committee has dwindled to a few hardy soles with sore heads. (just 3 of us at the last two meetings) We need your time.  We need some fresh ideas, new enthusiasm, help us to keep your Shop alive and not just breathing. Members of the present Management Committee will be standing down at the next AGM in June,  Who’s going to Stand Up ?


If you would like any futher information then please contact the Committee via the shop.


Dave Brown

Chairman Community Shop.

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