Volunteer Update

Shift alterations proposed

We are currently looking at ways to maximise our existing volunteer hours as we have had little success in recruiting new.

The proposal is to increase most shifts by half an hour to enable us to extend our summer opening hours as we did last year.

Please chat to Sally or Gill about this and let them know what impact it would have on your shift / ability to work in the shop.


January 2017

Just a reminder to please record all reductions in the green folder, all wastage in the little book under the counter, cleaning done in the blue folder and date checks in the green folder. We know you are all cleaning and checking but we do need it recorded!

Many thanks to you all for all the extra shifts done in the New Year when the bugs and ice left many unable to do their shifts. Hoping all our poorly volunteers are soon back in good health!


Thank you all for extra work over the summer covering holidays and the extended opening hours.

We do have a few new volunteers starting soon but if you know anyone who might like to do even a shift a month please encourage them!


March 2016

Thanks to you all who have taken shop fliers for distribution. If you have not yet taken any and live somewhere on the edge of the village and could drop them into your neighbours please see the list in the shop.


January 2016

We do hope you all enjoyed the breakfast meeting and thank you for all your input.

You will have noticed that the window has now been cleared of all posters. Also the first newspaper rack is up.

Saturday afternoon opening is progressing as we have found a volunteer to do it. When the clocks change we will be changing our opening times.

Your views are currently being sought on the new colour scheme in the shop.

Finally thanks to all for offering extra shifts whilst Sally is on holiday.


BREAKFAST MEETING Saturday 16th January

All volunteers are invited to come along to a meeting in the Church House Inn at 9.30 am with a breakfast served at 9.45 am. Usual informal format.

Come along and meet other volunteers, hear from the committee how the shop is doing, future plans, an update from the manager and have your say. What do you like, what can we improve on, training needs and anything else!

Please let Gill know by Wednesday 13th January if you are able to make it, either by email or a note in the handover book.

Look forward to seeing you all there.


November update:

Thank you to all our volunteers and we are planning another Breakfast meeting in January so do look out for details.

We are still short of volunteers on Tuesdays in particular.

A gentle reminder to our band of volunteers of the need to keep shelf filling. When you have a quiet moment on shift please do look around. The stockroom sometimes is overflowing while shelves are looking a little bare!

August 2015

Still looking for early birds to do the newspaper sorting on Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursdays.

Regular shop volunteers needed Tuesdays 1 -3 Thurs 11- 1 and Friday 11- 1, we have Sundays sorted now.


As ever a big thank you to our existing volunteers who do a great job.

Volunteers still needed:-

1.for early morning paper sorting:
Mondays, Tuesdays and/or  Wednesdays (any or all!) and
2. for serving customers and other shop duties:
Tuesdays 1- 3 Thursdays 11- 1 and Sundays 11 -12.30

If anyone was available to work a Saturday afternoon please do let Sally or Gill know as we are still keen to extend the shop opening hours …. and a lot of walkers are seen looking in at this time.

You will have seen on the new April 2015 rota that the shop is opening every weekday evening until 7pm. Sally is doing this shift.

This does mean that we are needing extra help on a Saturday morning if anyone is available to help then?

Most of the other shifts are covered apart from Tuesdays 1 -3 pm when we only have one volunteer on duty so again if you are able to help please let Gill know, a message in the handover book would be fine!

All our volunteers should have received their invite to the next breakfast at the Church House Inn on the 24th January. If you haven’t received one and do work in the shop please let Gill know.

We now need volunteers to help us on a Saturday morning every other week, 9 -12.00 and also on Friday, again only every other week from 11 – 1.00.

Please do pop into the shop if you are interested, anyone working will be pleased to help you and let you know what it is like.

A free breakfast every 6 months is the least of the perks of volunteering!

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